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Tripp Trapp® Storage

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Designed specifically for our iconic chair, Tripp Trapp® Storage is ideal for those lacking space. It is simply hung on the Tripp Trapp®. You can keep bibs, toys and anything else you need during mealtimes within easy reach. As the little ones grow up, they can park crafts and toys while sitting on their favorite chair at the family table. Like the Tripp Trapp® chair, the Tripp Trapp® Storage is designed to accompany your child from birth through adulthood. To play, paint or do homework, you can simply remove the container and place it on the floor or table. The practical container is suitable for all Tripp Trapp® chairs manufactured after 2003 and can be used together with any other Tripp Trapp® accessories.

    Product details:

    • The practical container that accompanies your child from birth to adulthood
    • Space-saving and ideal when space is lacking
    • PLEASE NOTE: When combined with the Tripp Trapp® Baby Set, Tripp Trapp® Storage should always be attached first.
    • Simply hang it on the Tripp Trapp® without tools
    • Can be easily removed and placed on the table or floor
    • Practical because everything important is within reach during meals
    • Easy to care for and dishwasher safe
    • BPA-free, durable plastic
    • Can hold up to 1 kg
    • Brings order to baby toys and craft supplies
    • At the right height for small children
    • Compatible with all Tripp Trapp® accessories
    • In combination with the baby set, the Tripp Trapp® Storage must always be attached to the chair in front of the seat bar.
    • Suitable for all Tripp Trapp® chairs manufactured after 2003
    • Before hanging or removing Tripp Trapp® Storage, please remove all Tripp Trapp® accessories from your chair. The Tripp Trapp® Classic pillow is excluded from this. If you are only using Tripp Trapp® Storage and the cushion, please attach the cushion to your chair first before hanging Tripp Trapp® Storage. Push the cushion aside a little and make sure that you have hung the Tripp Trapp® Storage correctly on the Tripp Trapp® chair.