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Sensory weight sleeping bag Nature

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According to experts, Moonboon's Secure Cell System ensures an optimal sleep effect and helps your child to find rest and improve the quality of your child's sleep. Thanks to this system, the weight of the thousands of small and sustainable glass balls is evenly distributed over the whole body. This creates a safe and effective product. Use the Sensory Weighted Sleeping Bag in the stroller on a walk, to wind down before a nap, or during sleep.

  • Optimum effect and weight distribution
  • Developed in collaboration with leading sleep experts
  • Stylish Dreilages Design

Weighted and sensory products, thanks to Deep Pressure Touch Therapy, have a calming effect on the proprioceptive system and help children to relax - a prerequisite for a good night's sleep.

The Sensory Weighted Sleeping Bag is an obvious choice when your child is ready to detach from the cradle but still needs support to fall asleep.

The zipper can be opened at both ends, allowing for optimal air circulation and more legroom. The spacious design also allows you to change your child without having to remove the sensory weighted sleeping bag.

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