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colour: birch

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The LUOTO climbing arch is multifunctional children's furniture. It is designed to encourage active play and the diverse development of motor skills, coordination, balance and strength. Climbing satisfies children's natural need to learn new things, and rock climbing is a wonderful way to get physically active and build children's confidence.

As already mentioned, the LUOTO has many other functions besides climbing. It can be used as a seesaw, play castle, baby gym, gate, children's table, toy storage or as a side table!

Turned around, the LUOTO climbing arch serves as a seesaw - perfect for little pirates to travel with or as a dreamy nest for an afternoon nap. For this purpose we recommend this Fitwood KAURA cushion, which makes using the bow as a seesaw safer and more comfortable.

In addition to its function as a climbing arch in its original arch position, LUOTO can also be used as a play castle, gate or baby gym. Cover it with a blanket and place a pillow underneath to turn it into a play castle, or hang sensory stimuli on some of the top rungs to turn it into a baby gym. In its arched position, LUOTO also doubles as the perfect indoor soccer goal, or as a goal for just about any fun or game the kids can dream up!

If the climbing arch is turned on its side so that the back wall of the arch is facing up, it can also be used as a table. Place it against the wall to use as a side table, or combine with a small stool to use as a children's table for drawing, crafting and playing.

If you turn the arch on its side so the back wall faces the floor and push it against a wall (or another LUOTO arch), it becomes a toy tray. Ideal for large cuddly toys or for pillows and blankets!

The climbing arch can be used from 0-9 years:
• 0-12 years, it can be used as a baby gym, seesaw or support when learning to crawl and stand
• 1-5 years it can be used as a climbing arch, seesaw, play castle, gate, etc.
• 6-9 years old can use it as a table, see-saw, play castle, goal etc.

As a side table, the LUOTO is suitable for children and adults of all ages!

The frame of the LUOTO climbing arch is made of birch plywood from sustainable forestry, the rungs are made of aspen from sustainable forestry. The KAURA pillow is made from 97% recycled fabric (84% recycled cotton, 13% recycled polyester and 3% cotton - Standard 100 by Öko-tex) and filled with 100% recycled EcoSuperSoft filling (may contain individual down).

Please note that the LUOTO climbing arch's birch color has been treated with translucent wax to enhance the natural light tone of the birch wood.

The LUOTO climbing arches are designed in Finland and manufactured in the EU. The KAURA cushions are designed and manufactured in Finland. Both are designed to support an active lifestyle without compromising on design or sustainability.

We grant a two-year guarantee on the LUOTO climbing arch (one year for semi-commercial and commercial use). We also endeavor to supply spare parts even after the warranty period has expired.

Product Details:

  • Width: 100cm
  • Depth: 60cm
  • Height 54 cm
  • Load capacity: 60 kg
  • Material: Birkensperrholz
  • Age recommendation: 0-9 years
  • Guarantee: 2 years  Guarantee for private use
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