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Children's equipment from Liewood - now at Beluga Kids

Welcome to the magical world of Liewood, which is now waiting for you at Beluga Kids! If you are looking for the ideal combination of design and sustainability for your child, then Liewood offers everything your parent's heart desires. Our selection of Liewood products includes high-quality children's items made from sustainable materials with care and attention to detail.

Immerse yourself in our selection of Liewood items that not only impress with their functionality, but also with their timeless Scandinavian design. From organic cotton textiles that are gentle on your child's sensitive skin to eco-friendly toys that encourage creativity and development - at Liewood you will find a conscious selection that makes the little ones happy while protecting our planet.

At Beluga Kids we understand that every detail counts. That's why you'll find Liewood items that impress in every respect - from quality to aesthetics. Discover, for example, the popular Liewood children's silicone tableware sets, which make learning to eat a safe and fun experience, or the charming Liewood bathrobes, which make every visit to the swimming pool a cozy pleasure.

With one click on a world full of sustainable beauty for your little ones opens up. Let Liewood inspire you and bring a touch of Denmark directly into your home. At Beluga Kids you will find the perfect Liewood products for your family - sustainable, safe and always stylish.

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