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Bath bombs for babies & children

Naïf Care

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A bubble ball in the bathtub, children find that magical. Because it dissolves bubbling in the bath water. Naïf's fizzy tablets do the same, but they have another advantage.

They are full of natural oils that take care of sensitive, young skin. We prefer to avoid harsh foaming agents like SLS/SLES which can dry out the skin. This means that the effervescent tablets are also suitable for the most sensitive skin, for dry skin or eczema. And not only for the skin, also for the environment! Because ultimately we turn the bath water back into our drinking water, so we need to take care of it. good care

Almost forgot... Our tablets are not round, but square and compact. In this way, many fit into one package to save space. There is one tablet for each day of the week and of course one for you. Did we already mention that the effervescent tablets leave the wonderful, allergen-free Naïf scent in the bathroom?

All Naïf products are 100% vegan, have an allergen-free, mild fragrance and have been dermatologically tested.

"Our planet and its ecological challenges are forcing us to act. This action begins with our awareness of consuming better. But what does that mean? It means putting quality far above quantity again. And that's exactly what our fellow human beings from third world countries are entitled to Quality."

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